Peonies – another favorite flower of mine.  Fragrant, feminine, and frilly.  Unfortunately, these did not come from my garden.  They came from Whole Foods who has great sales on flowers.  At least the one here does.


I stuck them in this vintage yellow McCoy pitcher that doesn’t see much light.  In fact, I have a pretty decent McCoy pottery collection – started back before Fatty and I were married.  Before we moved to this house two years ago, I had it all displayed together.  I loved seeing in mass.  Now it is all over the house – sitting on different shelves and in a neglected china cabinet.  Some of it is still in a box – lame, I know.  Most of my pieces are flower pots with some vases mixed in.  I haven’t added much to it in the last few years because the prices are sooooooo high now.  I think I probably have at least 40 pieces…I should count.  And then show and tell.  That could be fun.  Maybe I could figure out a good way to display it all in the process.  What do you think?  I promise I won’t overwhelm you – just a little here and there.  Are you guys game?

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