I about jumped for joy when I read that the March/April Tie One On theme was ric rac.  I love ric rac.  I immediately had a grand plan, and of course, did not stick to it one bit.  I had this vision of chevron stripes done in ric rac – all in one color, varying widths of trim.  Well, that would have taken me forever to line up properly (and straight) and I didn’t have that much time seeing that I just welcomed my sewing machine home.  I stayed with stripes and am very happy with how it turned out.



Typically I don’t go for orange, but I like the way it looks with the bright yellow and green.  My favorite part is the giant green grosgrain ric rac.  I found it back in the fall and immediately had to have it because it was ric rac and it was green and it was grosgrain.  Did you know I like grosgrain?  Yup, I do.  A lot.

Oh, and for you, Dad:  Hooray, hooray, it’s the first of May……

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