April 7

We went to Florida for a long weekend. The weather was glorious and it was nice to spend time with family.  I read two books and took naps.  All good stuff.

When we arrived home, I began inspecting all that had happened while we were gone.  The peas have sprouted and so has the chard.  I'm still waiting on the potatoes.  And construction wise, the floor is keyed in and some drywall was finished among other things.  Progress all around.

I may have found my sewing mojo.  I'm not sure if spring's arrival or the time away that did it and it doesn't matter as long as it stays around for a while.  I spent some time working on a little project yesterday and am so charmed with the results.  It's been a long while since I have felt that way.  Too long.  I felt energized and I felt creative.  Do you know that feeling?  That creative spark that just makes you want to keep going, keep doing, keep making?  I'm rolling with it.  It'll be exciting to see what develops.

And I am going to restock the shop next Thursday, April 15th.  More details on that next week.

Thanks for stopping by.  I don't say it often enough, but I really do appreciate your visits and thoughtful comments.

Back here soon.

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