Habit 1104

I spent some time sewing the last two weekends. I was unmotivated both times, but plowed on because I like to see progress and my head is more right when I am making. The crazy star quilt top is complete. Another quilt top that I finished in August got a backing. I'm holding out high hopes for basting this weekend and quilting over Thanksgiving.

I've been reading every night before bed. My kids just finished their first trimester of the school year and I was thinking of the amount I have accomplished for myself in that time. The list of books I've read since school started is long and there was only one I didn't like. I'll post it later this week – no time for the links right now. I have been working solidly on other things as well. Things I'm not ready to throw out there, but I want to remember that despite all my doubts (which were and still are big), I am proud of myself.

Kate turned eleven yesterday. And this is blowing my mind. How did we get here? It doesn't seem possible, but it is. She is an amazing, helpful, smart, beautiful, stubborn, strong-willed, enthusiastic girl. I feel blessed and lucky to call her my daughter. She had a nice birthday even thought it was a school day. I let her eat whatever crap she wanted (cupcake after school, pie at the restaurant, cake later – oof.) and she even consented to practicing her piano without any fuss. Fatty and I gave her a sewing machine of her own. The two of us set it up in the playroom and she got busy trying out the fancy stitches on scraps. It was fun to watch.

Fatty's birthday is closing in on us, with Thanksgiving and then Jane's birthday to follow. I don't think I am making any Christmas gifts this year. Well, that's not true. I'd like to finish the snake trails quilt for my nephew – crossing my fingers on that one.

The dog just came up to the back door with a bird in her mouth. Nice.

Back here soon.


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