Seeing as it is Saturday, I thought I'd tell you about my second biggest success of last weekend.  The biggest success, of course, was completing Hazel's new bed, but really that is neither here nor there.  The second biggest success was culinary and deserves a post of its own.

Scones 2

Sunday morning I found myself craving – and I mean I-need-it-right-now craving – some kind of fruity baked good.  For a minute, probably less, I considered putting the girls back in the car (we'd just arrived home from church) for a quick trip to the bakery, but I couldn't be bothered.  Kate had a friend coming over and Jane was set to meet up with a pal of hers and Fatty was driving home from a 50 mile mountain bike race in Georgia (an entirely different story all together).  It just seemed like too much to manage.  I briefly considered raiding the frozen chocolate chip cookie dough in the freezer for a quick fix, but I knew that it wouldn't do.  There was no way chocolate chips were going to fill the need for warm, sweet fruit so I took a quick look in the fridge.  Raspberries!  They are my favorite berry and didn't I just see a recipe for some kind of berry scone? Yes, indeed.  Raspberry scones!

August 22

I quickly read the recipe and sighed at the sight of buttermilk on the list of ingredients.  I am not a good southern cook who stocks this at all times.  My brother might have some on hand, but that's another car ride so, that is not going to cut it.  Then I remember reading about making-do with milk and, what was it?, as a buttermilk substitute.  A quick google search and I have my answer: vinegar (or lemon juice, in a pinch).  Now I'm in business.

The oven is preheated by the time I have the dough out of the food processor.  I fold the raspberries in and three minutes later, after sprinkling sugar on top, they are in the oven.  Eighteen minutes later, I brew some more coffee.  Five minutes after that, the craving is more than satisfied.  Did these ever do the trick!


If you find yourself craving a little savory plus sweet, give these scones a try.  The dough is wonderfully flavored and not too sweet – I imagine it would work well with any number of additions.  The only change I would make is to sprinkle the tops with raw, or turbinado, sugar if you have it instead of your garden variety white.  I think it'd be a lovely touch, but the white works well enough as is.

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