Today is our last warm day for awhile.  The temperature is headed back to the 40’s.  Sigh.  It’s been nice.

All the spring weather has given me an itch to get sewing.  I started cutting out some things for the girls last night.  I have loads of ideas floating through my head – so many that I didn’t sleep well.  I just hope I can make them reality.

I didn’t finish the socks.  As soon as I do, Kate will want to wear them.  I think they’ll be better at 45 degrees than they would be at 75 degrees.  Tomorrow sweet girl.  I promise.

We drew a name for the garland kits this morning.   The winner is…


Dawn!  I will email you for your address and have it on its way this week.

Kate is about ready to lose her first tooth.  Right now she has two rows of teeth – the permanent ones are already in behind the baby ones.  Oh my little shark!


She doesn’t want to pull it herself.  She asked Fatty to use pliers!  They tried last week, but it wasn’t loose enough.  Round two is tonight.  And to make it all a bit more dramatic, Jane can’t stand looking at or hearing about Kate’s tooth.  I guarantee that if anyone cries, it’ll be Jane.

Jane is reading in front of the whole school today.  That’s where you’ll find me at 10:00 a.m.

Happy Wednesday all!

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