Thanks for all the birthday wishes – it was a fantastic day!  It included lunch out with Fatty, a trip to the garden store to pick up veggies, a home cooked dinner and margaritas finished off with chocolate cake and a little impromptu party.  Very very fun!  The weekend continued to be great – some gardening, a barbecue at my brother's, a cobbler and homemade ice cream, the pool, a soccer game and plenty of napping rounded it out.

School is winding down – the girls have about a week left.  They came home without homework which was so nice.  For the first time ever, I am excited that school is over.  I am ready for some down time, for no homework and a later bedtime.  I have never felt this way before.  I have always dreaded the end of the school year.  I know – it sounds awful, but it's the truth.  Summer is always a big push and pull with the three of us.  We have to balance three sets of have to's and want to's.  I don't know that this summer will be much different, but if having a better attitude will guarantee some measure of success, then sign me up.

I've been sewing, but really have nothing to show for it.  I made a skirt that is waaaaay too big and am working on my craft swap project.  Hopefully, I will be able to show and tell soon.  I brought my sewing machine down to the family room so I can hang out in the relative cool-ness of the downstairs.  I absolutely refuse to turn the air conditioning on until June 1 and hanging out in the little closet on the third floor is not so fun.  Of course, I may change my tune once the temp hits the high 80's.  We'll see.  The bonus is TV while I sew.  Anything you care to recommend for our Netflix queue?

All right, enough of this rambling.  See you soon.

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