Hello. It's Tuesday night.  All day long it has seemed like a Monday. I woke up with purpose and got a lot of tasks checked off the list.  That felt good.  Unfortunately the list still has many items left to tackle. Tomorrow. Or maybe Thursday.  It's school auction season so it'll probably be this way for awhile yet. I'm not complaining. Just stating.

January 15

So what do I do when I have two quilt tops ready to be sandwiched, one quilt ready to be pieced? You guessed it…start cutting for another quilt.

Yes, I know I have a problem. But (and this is a big BUT), sewing is my therapy right behind exercise.  If I give either of these up while I am overloaded and stressed, I just get more overloaded and stressed and then my family doesn't want me around which stresses me more….

You get the picture. I need to sew.

This quilt is for Jane. It's a collaboration because at 11, she has very solid opinions about what she wants and does not want.  She first wanted a zig zag quilt. And I was good with that. Actually, I was looking forward to a bunch of half square triangles to bust through some of my stash.  Then she said no. Something different.  I proposed dresden plates because, let's face it, those were fun to sew.  I pulled out some photos, held my breath and she said yes!

Suh-weet!  Aquas, greens, reds, pinks and yellows.  It's going to be cheery and bright and so very fun.  Just like my girl.  And thankfully, I'm quilting right along with some friends. It's my hope that they will give me the push I need to get this wrapped up lickety-split.

That is right after I make the two quilts for the auction. (Did I forget to mention that?)

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