It is no secret that I am in the midst of an affair with my knitting needles.  My poor sewing machine has been neglected.  Yesterday, in a fit of energy after my nap, I did a bit of cleaning in the studio and started some new sewing projects.


Little stacks of scraps make me happy.  The heft of my scissors and the smooth fabric felt so good in my hands.  I find piling it up and arranging it in groups therapeutic.  My mind rests and my eyes take over.  It sounds strange, I know, but it works for me.  Yesterday, I got so caught up in achieving the perfect color and pattern combinations that I never got to the sewing part.  This is unusual…my preferred speed is fast, and when not fast, faster.  And while I would love to have a finished project, something concrete for the hours I spent up there, it’s okay.   I need to slow down.  The cutting, the sewing, the making…it’s waiting for me.   It’ll be there when I am ready:  a true work in progress…kind of like me. 

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