Looking for a quick, inexpensive, non-cookie food item for gift giving?  This year, I have been popping lots of corn.

Caramel corn

First up is Molly's recipe for Caramel Popcorn with Salted Peanuts.  UNBELIEVABLE.  It is really, really good.  And quite easy to make.  Follow her suggestions, have everything at the ready and you will be in great shape.  A candy thermometer is a must here.  I didn't have one so I picked one up at the grocery store for about $12 last week.  I have used it about five times since I bought it and will probably use it again today.  Well worth the investment.

Dec 18

Maple Popcorn is the other variety I have been giving this season.  I found this recipe from Jennie.  I love this one because it is super simple and you can double or triple the recipe.  Maple syrup, popcorn, salt and oil are the only ingredients making this a vegan treat – super nice for your vegetarian friends or those with dairy allergies.  A candy thermometer comes in handy with this recipe, too.  I packed some of it up in jars I bought at Target last year (I think they still sell them, though) and tied some red and white string around the lids.  I made the label in photoshop using the Reprodepot Flora Pattern disc.  (I have the Folk Pattern disc, too.  I have used them both in various ways and really like them — they probably deserve a post of their own).

Back tomorrow with the winner of Applique Your Way.

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