Pillows 3a

I tackled Kate's pillows yesterday.  They are meant to be like Euro shams that you see in catalogs, but they measure 22" vs. the standard 26".  I just like the look of two pillows behind her monogrammed sham (which I did not make nor monogram myself) better and two 26" pillows is too much.  So 22" it is.  Kate has two twin beds in her room so I made four pillows.  They all have zippers and I pre-washed this seersucker fabric so they could be laundered without worrying about shrinkage.  The fabric is a match to her window seat and will look fantastic with her quilts if I ever finish them.

Pillows 3

Again, I wanted to put piping on these pillows for some detail, but I ran out of fabric.  Instead, I did a small flange (I guess that's what you call it).  I cut the fabric to 23" square and sewed the front and back together with a 3/8" seam.  Once turned outside, I pressed the edges flat and then topstitched all the way around 5/8" from the edge.  It's kind of like a reverse french seam.  I like how it gives a little interest to the pillows without commanding too much attention.

That's eight pillows for the week.  I'm trying for two more tonight.  Back tomorrow with details on those.  In the meantime, check out the flickr group for some really great inspiration.

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