We have phone.  And internet.  Phew.  That was no fun.

No internet = a LOT of sewing.  Let’s start with my apron for Tie One On.


The theme was polka dots and although you can’t see it well in this photo, they are there.  Teeny tiny chartreuse polka dots trimmed with tennis ball yellow pom poms.  I love this fabric.  When I was finished cutting this out, I threw the scraps in to the x string quilt pile.  They look happy there.


See the dots now?  Cute, aren’t they?  I am not sure where I got the idea, but I HAD to add pin tucks to this apron.  And you know what?  I love them.  So so much.  I can just see them on a summer skirt for the girls – well, Kate, I guess.  She’s the one who would wear it.  OK, I can see them on a skirt for me, too, but that is an entirely different post.  Back to the kids – Jane does like this fabric – she made mention of that.  When I asked if she would like a dress or a skirt out of it, she shrugged her shoulders and said, "Maybe an apron?"  With the pom poms, of course.


I used chartreuse colored thread for contrast on the entire apron.  I love the way it picks up the color in the dots, but is still subtle.  I think I should do that more often.

Back to regular posting starting now.  Thanks for hanging in there with me.

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