Sometimes I get an idea in my head and then I lose it.  Just like Rachel said.  Other times, it sticks and it won’t go away.  My latest project had been floating around in there for a long time.  I completely and totally blame it on Leslie.  You see, she made those lounge pants.  My friend Suzanne saw that post and made her own.  But Suzanne never uses a pattern.  She wings it.  She just traced a pair of pants she owned and made herself a pair.  And then she made some for her girls.

There are plenty of things I can sew without a pattern.  But when it comes to clothes, I am pattern follower.    I don’t sew many clothes – that is probably why.  I used to sew dresses for the girls.  I even made them some skirts and tops, but not so much any more.  Jane got picky, I got my feelings hurt and lost the desire.  Pajama pants, though….I thought Jane might just go for that.

On Sunday, I channeled my inner-Suzanne and traced a pair of Jane’s flannel p.j. pants.  I added seam allowances, and then tried to figure out how in the heck to fit a pair of girls’ size 8 p.j. pants on one width of fabric.  They just fit.  Just.

I used my serger to stitch these up.  FAST.  Super FAST.  Just how I like my projects.  I added button holes on either side of the front center seam so I could add a mock ribbon tie.  There is a full circle of elastic in the casing – each 12 inch length of ribbon is sewn to the elastic just inside the button holes.  This way there is no chance of my-pants-won’t-stay-up issues, but they still have that cute touch.


Jane was not very happy with the fabric choices.  She sees all that fabric in the sewing room and thinks I can just make anything out of a fat quarter.  Hmmm….that would be nice, but I needed 1 1/4 yards and the pickings were kind of slim.  Not bad if you like say, green.  Or pink.  Just not much blue.  Or red.  The one I thought she would like, she didn’t.  Instead of listening to her whine, I just chose for her.  I figured Kate would get two pairs if Jane never wore hers.


See, Kate is happy with almost anything.  Well, anything pink, that is.


I wish I had enough red ric rac to trim the hem of Jane’s pair, but oh well.  I’m still going to call these a success.  Jane has worn them two nights in a row.  If that doesn’t make them a winner, I don’t know what does.

So you see, Leslie, it is your fault.  In a roundabout, very good, inspiring kind of way.  You, too, Suzanne.  You, too.

Thank goodness for friends.

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