Whenever we are leaving on a trip, the last minute scramble to get things packed is always just that:  last minute.  While I am packing us up, the girls seem to get into things, making a big mess right before we leave.  About a year ago, I came up with a packing list for them so that they could be busy in a productive way while I was packing my own clothes.


This is today’s list.  We went over it together and later, when I am ready to put things in the suitcase, they will go gather what they need and bring it to me.  Occasionally, I will have to edit their choices to make sure that they are appropriate for the season (no tank tops in winter, no corduroys in summer, etc.).  I just send them back to get the right thing and keep packing my own stuff.

Kate wasn’t reading when I started using this system, so I drew each item and wrote its name beside it.  Although she’s reading now, I still use the drawings because it makes it cute.  And really, cute makes the whole thing fun, you know.  I’ve thought about making a master list that I can just print out each time.  Would you all be interested in that?

This is a great tool for grocery lists too – draw little apples, bananas, gallons of milk and loaves of bread and then divvy up your list between your helpers.  It gets them involved and keeps them happy in the store.

We’re off to Telluride in the morning.  I’ll be checking in from there with some other things to share.  See you next week.

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