I'm talking Halloween costumes.

It's been years since I've made two costumes. Most years, I end up making one and buying one, or heck, even buying both. It's what I have worked out to keep myself sane at the beginning of the most hectic two months of the year (birthday after birthday after birthday and then the holidays, you know). Because after Dorothy and Glinda, I was d-o-n-e. And this year wasn't going to be any different. I planned on making Kate's costume and we were going to throw together a black cat ensemble for Jane per her request. That is, until she saw Star Wars for the first time.

You know where this is going, don't you?

Flapper dress

I sewed Kate's flapper dress yesterday. How she came up with the idea of being a flapper beats me, but her heart has been set on it for a few months. I used a simple a-line dress pattern that I got for 99 cents at Jo-Ann's and added 10 yards (!) of fringe that I bought in NYC earlier this month. We plan on adding a headband, a long strand of pearls, a feather boa and calling it done. I wish I had enough fringe to cover the entire dress, but I think it still looks cute. It fits her and she loves it. Win-win.


This afternoon I'm going to wrangle 4.5 yards of Kona white into something that Princess Leia would be proud of. I'm just not going to tell her that it's really an angel's robe with a make-shift hood sewn on. I'll divert her attention by pointing her to the you tube video on how to make the buns. The key is a pair of socks. Who knew?

P.S. I'm secretly loving that they will actually let me sew them something, even if it's something I know they will only wear once.

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