I finished my first X for my quilt.


It was so much fun to make!  Each of the four squares that make one x is 12" – I am figuring I need 9 x’s (or 36 individual squares) to make a queen sized quilt.  I like the randomness of it – and it is random.  I tried very hard not to over think it.  I must put some more dark greens in the next one or that one strip is going to stand out.  I am hoping to knock out a couple more x’s this week.  I hurt my wrist so I am taking a little knitting vacation.  That just leaves more time to sew!

I also finished my square for the Virtual Quilting Bee, but that one is under wraps until it gets to its destination.  Well, one person had a sneak peek.  But that’s it.  I’m not sharing any more.  You can see the fabrics that made it in the final square here.  Once I got sewing, it came together pretty well.  I sent it off today so watch the mail, Jennifer.  I hope you like it.

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