Not only do we collect smokers, we collect nutcrackers too.  My parents have a massive collection at their house – well over a hundred.  Fittingly, they give Fatty one every year for Christmas and, after being married 10 years now, we have quite a little collection.


This is part of the group that is standing at attention on our sideboard.  It was hard to get a good photo of the whole group, so here are two favorites.


This guy is my favorite.  I LOVE to ski.  Really, though, it’s the hat that got me.  How could you not love that hat?  He looks like he stepped right off of the slopes sometime in the 1970’s.


And this guy is one of two Oktober Fest nutcrackers.  Fatty is in the beer business so it’s appropriate that we have him and his brother.  This one is postively Bavarian with the moustache and fabulous suspenders.  I wish I had some of that trim in my stash!

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