It's Pioneer Day for the third grade tomorrow.  Think Little House on the Prairie, the Virginia reel and butter churning.  Add in costumes, for kids AND parent volunteers, and you get a pretty good idea of what is going on.

Feb 23 003_1_1

I made three skirts, four bonnets and an apron this weekend.  For the bonnets, I used Simplicity 3723 only because I didn't have time to order this pattern (click on shop and find bonnet pattern) from Amy.  They came together pretty easily although I did tweak the pattern a bit.  The skirts are just two lengths of fabric sewn up the sides, hemmed and with a casing for elastic at the waist.  Kate doesn't need an outfit for school, but I couldn't leave her out of the fun.  She and Jane are both reading Little House in the Big Woods and I knew she would want her own bonnet.  For her skirt, I put in a very large hem.  That way, in two years, I can just take the hem out and redo it and she will be ready to go.

Feb 22 004_1_1

I could just pinch her, she's so cute.

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