You guys are the best!  Seriously.  You had so many great ideas to solve my costume dilemma.  I went with the first one – I think it was Autum's.  I took some off-white curtain lining and ripped six strips that were about 2" by the width (54" or so).  Then I sewed two strips together along the short end so I would end up with three long strips.  About four minutes later, I had a nice long braid.  Easy, fast, free.  Yay!  I whipped up a super simple skirt – one seam, one hem, one elastic casing – and cut an old brown t-shirt of mine into a tunic.  All in all it took less than an hour and Kate's pretty pleased.  I'll try to take a photo of it when the sun comes out.

Dec 15

I've been meaning to share these little trees with you.  I made them as part of Betz White's online holiday workshop awhile back.  I think it was in October.  I can't share details of how they were made, but I will tell you that I find them quite addictive.  I've been searching thrift stores for white and cream wool sweaters because I can just see a whole forest of these lining our sun room mantel or on the black chest in the kitchen.  Bonus is that they would look just as nice all winter long….not super Christmas-y, but festive nonetheless.

Still have my cold.  Still sucks.  Still shopping.  Haven't addressed the cards.  Cookies to bake and aprons to make.  Then wrapping and shipping out of town gifts.  So yeah.  That's what I am doing.  But being back at habit this month has made me realize how much I miss blogging regularly.  And how much I had lost my photo mojo.  So I am going to try….really try….to be in this space a little more often.

And gosh, if it's going to be so cold outside, could it please just snow?

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