For the first time in a long while, I have the urge to knit more than a hat or a cowl. So when the temperatures dipped into the 30's, it seemed like a sign to buy yarn. Sweaters for the girls, that's what this pile will become. Lightweight in Belize for Jane. Simple Cardigan in Iceland for Kate.


I casted on and swatched for gauge. Size 4 needles it is. Tiny, right? And slow going. But the good slow, the one that makes me sit still and work quietly, forgetting about the laundry that needs doing and the sink full of dishes for a few moments. The kind that helps me rest my exhausted mind and lets the muscle memory of knit and purl take over, creating a larger piece of fabric with each stitch. A pick up and put down easily kind of project, perfect for carting around in my purse letting me sneak a few stiches in here and there when time allows between the cooking, the cleaning, the driving that make up my day-to-day. A treat, really.

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