Crazy star 2

I finished a quilt this week.

I love that feeling.

This Crazy Star quilt is from Denyse Schmidt's book, Modern Quilts, Traditional Inspirations. I started it last July and have worked on it off and on since then. The foundation string piecing of the star was very fun and pretty fast and the rest of it came together easily, once I finally got around to cutting the background and sewing it together.

The color story here was dictated by this bundle of scraps I bought last summer at PurlSoho. I hemmed and hawed about whether or not to buy the scrap pack (I have enough scraps of my own!) and finally went for it. I added a few other blue, black and white prints from my stash and bought a couple additional ones as well. I sliced them all up into strings, put them in a bag and pulled them out blindly, only substituting when I had two of the same next to each other. I love how it came together.

Crazy star 4

Crazy star 3

I chose to use Kona Snow for the background of the star. No big surprise here – this is my favorite "white". And for the back of the quilt, I decided to use Essex yarn dyed linen in denim. Let me tell you, this stuff is dreamy. It's a little heavier and toothier than quilting cotton with a beautiful hand and texture. It (or something similar) was in the scrap pack so it was the perfect choice. And the binding? As I was piecing the quilt, I imagined that the binding would be pink. The little bit of pink ric rac that came with the scraps popped against the blues and blacks and I thought the quilt needed the same thing. Plus, it's smile-inducing.

The quilting pattern is the loop to loop that I have done on my last couple of quilts. I'm starting to have good muscle memory with this one – each time it gets easier and easier to get smooth loops. It's pretty easy to do, also. (I'd be happy to do a tutorial on how it's done if there is interest – let me know in the comments). The quilting is fairly dense. Combined with the foundation piecing and the cotton/linen backing fabric, this quilt is good and heavy. I'm not sure that it will get much use over the summer, but come fall, it'll be in heavy rotation.

I'm happy to have this finished before we begin work on the sewing studio/play room in ten days. All of my fabrics and supplies plus the girls' toys, games and a queen sized bed and four tables need to come out of the third floor of our house so the carpet can get ripped out and we can paint the floors (and most likely the walls and woodwork, too). Exciting, but the prospect of moving all that stuff is simultaneously terrifying. Wish me luck!

Crazy star

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