City gym shorts

I'm sure you have seen a good half dozen or more versions of these Purl Soho shorts by now. Here's another! They are a fast sew from a free dowloadable pattern so, really, you should make some. The come in kid and adult sizes so even if you don't wear shorts, maybe there is a little girl in your life who would like some. I lengthened my pair by 1.5" because this 43 year old does not rock the short shorts. Just saying.

I sewed the bias binding to the wrong side of the shorts and then folded it around to the front before topstitching them in place as a little extra insurance to make sure the raw edges got enclosed. I used some Robert Kaufman chambray left over from this skirt and the floral print is a Kokka design that I got from Frances at Miss Matatabi. This particular chambray is a little loosely woven. If I were to use it again, I would increase the back seam allowance to 1/2" and maybe even break out the serger because it's really embarrassing to be walking around with a hole in the back of your shorts where the seam didn't hold. Just saying.

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