The closet in our mudroom is under a staircase and while it isn’t huge, part of it is just hard to get at.  While rooting around in there searching for soccer shin guards, I came across a big plastic garbage bag way in the back.  I could not remember what was in it.  I opened it and gasped.


About this time last year, I found this love seat slipcover and matching scraps at a local antique mall.  I don’t remember exactly how much I paid for it – about $20, I’d guess.  I didn’t buy it for a specific purpose – I just loved the fabric.  I love everything about it – the color, the pattern, the images, the scale.  I don’t think I went through the bag thoroughly, either.  I brought it home and threw it on the mudroom floor.  It sat there for a few weeks and then I must have shoved it in the closet. 

Fast forward eleven or so months and I am falling in love all over again.  The slipcover itself is in bad shape – stained and really worn.  I think I might try Retro Clean.  What do you think Carrie?  Anyone have any other ideas?  The scraps are pristine.  Some of them are large enough to make pillows.  Yes, pillows!  Some are much smaller – good for little items and maybe some patchwork.  The possibilities are making me giddy.

Back on Monday with a completed project using this fabric.  Yes, I already cut into it.

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