I'm behind on my hand stitching homework.

I finally (FINALLY) finished the start of my modern medallion today. I had planned on finishing it on Thursday and time ran out before our road trip. I even woke up early on Friday morning, determined to sew the borders on the reverse applique block only to find out that I had squared it  1/2" too small. Aargh.

After some simple math, I adjusted the measurements and I quickly cut widths of fabric for new borders, packed it all in a zip lock and continued packing clothes for the trip that we were taking in less than two hours.

Procrastinate much, Erin?

(To be fair to myself…with great effort, I've cut down on procrastinating in the last year or so. I've been mindful of it and have worked hard to change things. Really. I have. This last incident was out of the relatively recent ordinary which made it hurt just a bit more).

Luckily for me, I have a mother-in-law with sewing skills and equipment so I managed to finish this square up this afternoon. That is not to say there weren't issues. There were. I am the sole person to blame – Rachel wrote it all up beautifully. All faults are mine.

Now to embroider.

Crochet 5:6

As much as I've let the hand sewing pile up, the crochet is happening.

And people, I am loving it.

Thank you, Blair. I KNOW how much time things like this take. I do not take it for granted.

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