I'm not talking cows here. Although I do like cows. No, I'm talking MOO, the online printing business. A few weeks ago, they asked me if I'd be interested in taking a look at some of their products. I said yes. (And as a matter of full disclosure, the products were given to me for free, but the opinion of them is entirely my own.)


I knew that I wanted to try out MOO's stickers. I had seen the little bitty ones on someone's flickr stream awhile back and thought they looked fun. While I was at it, I decided to see what the big stickers were like as well as the business cards.

It was super easy to design my MOO products. Because they have a partnership with flickr, I was able to put my flickr photos on the stickers and cards. The best part is that you can choose 1 photo or many different ones. In the case of the StickerBook, there are 90 stickers and each can have a different photo on it if you wish. Cool, huh? The same goes with the rectangular stickers and the business cards – you have the option of one style or many. I love that! Of course, if you don't use flickr, you can still upload your own photos for MOO products.


The little stickers are little, but they pack a punch! The girls really like them. The book of 90 would be a great present for a kid or you could use a sheet or two per guest for a birthday party favor.


For the rectangular stickers, I chose to go with one photo for all 50. I thought that these would be cute on birthday cards or to attach a gift card to a handwritten note. The size is nice and the print quality is great, too.


My favorite product are the business cards. This surprised me. I was totally expecting to be wowed by the cuteness of the stickers, but these cards are awesome! They are great quality, heavy card stock. I set up my information in Illustrator, but you could just as easily fill out the pre-set forms on MOO. I chose a variety of different photos of my patchwork camera straps for the other side. I'm excited to stick these in the packages of the next batch of straps.

Overall, I was very impressed with MOO's products and their service. The turn around time was fast. They estimated it would take about 10 business days, but I ended up getting my order in about a week's time. Love that! I also love that they gave me a promo code to pass along. If you are interested in ordering from MOO, click on this link for 10% off your order. How's that for nice?

More information on MOO can be found here.

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