I raided my small scrap basket on Sunday to make this pin cushion as a gift.  I got it all sewn up and stuffed and then I noticed it.  You know, that faint brownish-red spot in the middle of the orange gingham?  Right there between the white and brown pins?  Blood.  My blood.  From a pricked finger.  I picked up a wayward pin pointy side up because I was distracted by the incredible conversation between Amanda and Jennifer coming out of my ipod.  So wonderfully inspiring, but I knew it would be.  Anyhow, guess whose pin cushion it is now?  Yeah, you got that right.  I needed one, too.  Well, at least that is what I am telling myself.

I am feeling slightly less panicked at the moment.  The girls’ shoes are ordered and the rest of the school volunteering for the week can be done at home, via telephone.  Working today and then addressing envelopes tonight and tomorrow afternoon.  I am hoping to find a dress on Thursday – fingers crossed.  So, more photos than words in the next week or so….and probably not much emailing.  I try to answer all my comments, but I may just have to let that go a bit for right now.  I really appreciate the time it takes to come here and catch up with me.  I really, really do.  Reading your comments always brings a smile to my face.  Thank you so much for that – right now, it is just what I need.

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