Gumbo is Jane's newest stuffed animal. She made Gumbo yesterday all on her own, using the sewing machine that the girls received for Christmas. I helped thread the machine, taught her how to pivot the fabric with the needle down and was at hand for little issues.  The rest Jane did on her own. She was super pleased with her creation and I think she should be. It's a big accomplishment to set out to design a project, make it and see it through to the end, mistakes and all. I'm very proud of her.

Gumbo 2

I was in the middle of sewing my dress when Jane decided to start this project. The timing wasn't optimal for me – I can't tell you how many times I had to put down my sewing to help with hers – but I am glad that I was present to help Jane make Gumbo. Watching her create this was a joy and as we were working, I was happy to set aside what I wanted to do right then and join her. These moments don't come often and when they do, I'm going to grab them.

And the dress? Well, that's entirely different story.

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