We’re home.  And I am worn out.  I think it is that way every time we go somewhere.  As much as I like getting away, I love coming home and as much as I needed some time to relax, I seem to need it even more when we are back.


I was up early this morning and did the things I normally do when I return from a trip.  I went through the mail, cleaned the cat box, dead-headed the flowers and watered them too.  A quick survey of the refrigerator and a half gallon of spoiled milk down the drain prompted a trip to the farmers’ market.  Fatty made a run to the grocery store this afternoon.  The basics are covered.


I have a mental list of all the not so basic things that need doing.  And it is long.  The girls are out of school and that adds a whole other dimension to my time management skills.  Or really, lack there of.  So I guess I am saying, bear with me.  Posting is probably going to be spotty for awhile.  I need to find my summer rhythm.

I’ve got a few things I want to post about and am going to spread those bits out over the next week.  When I am not here, I’ll be over on Flickr.  See you soon.

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