I always look forward to my local craft swap.  We met last night to exchange our crafts.  This time there were 9 of us so each made 8 items.  And we had a theme: recycled.  The majority of our craft had to be recycled (or re-purposed).  Yes, I grumbled.  Then I realized I over-reacted and just started thinking outside my comfort zone of fabric and yarn.

The internet is an amazing thing.  A few weeks after the theme was decided, I saw this post of Ali’s.  Oh me, oh my!  I loved this idea.  And I shamelessly copied it.  Kind of.  I couldn’t find frames to be reused so I had to come up with a second option.  Lacking the necessary supplies, I bummed some lumber off of a friend whose basement was just finished.  I asked another friend to cut the boards for me.   I went through the paint cans in the basement and found a quart of eggshell white.  Then I hit the recycling bin.


One old issue of Domino, an Anthropologie catalog, a MiniBoden catalog and a PBTeen catalog made these 8 pieces of Recycling Bin Art with the leftovers being tossed right back from where they came.  All I bought was some small foam dots to mount the paper petals and the sawtooth hangers for the backs.  It cost about $5.


I got some great, creative crafts, too.  I am stilling missing two so when I get them, I will take some photos and share.  This is one creative group!  We swap about 4 times a year, the next one being in May.  I already know what I am making.  And I think I can do it with supplies I already have. 

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