Log cabins

The girls and I found ourselves at home with some extra free time last night after Jane's volleyball practice was canceled at the last minute.  Dinner had been eaten and homework had been completed so they played and I sewed.  There was no agenda – just a pile of scraps and some found time.  Before I knew it, 2 hours had gone by and I had finished 10 small log cabin squares.

There was no measuring or planning.  I put a small cutting mat on my
sewing table and moved the ironing board over so I could reach it from
my chair – lazy, but efficient.  Cut, sew, iron, trim, repeat.  Over and over.

Log cabins 2

My free time at home is extremely limited in the next few weeks.  I'm not complaining, rather just commenting on the true state of my schedule.  I don't anticipate having much time to start new projects or even finish the ones I have begun any time soon.  So when two hours of uninterrupted craft time appear out of nowhere, I'm going to leave the dishes sitting in the sink a little longer and make something.

It felt good.

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