Liberty tee 3

I made myself a new t-shirt over the weekend using this Liberty jersey that I picked up at Duckadilly Fabrics and some Riley Blake striped knit for the sleeves. The pattern is the Metro T-shirt by Liesl & Co. I've been on a knit sewing tear recently and I knew that this would come together quickly. I originally made it with long sleeves, but decided that they should be 3/4 length once I tried it on.

This is where the problems started.

I cut off the right sleeve approximately 7 inches from the cuff and check with all members of the family that this is indeed a good length. Confirmation given, I went upstairs and cut off the other sleeve the same way. I hemmed them both us using a double needle, hemmed the bottom of the shirt and topstitched around the neckline. Excited, I try on the t-shirt. Are you ready? The shirt had one short sleeve and one long sleeve.


Oy. (Cue the tears and the disbelief at my incredibly stupid mistake.)

In the end, it all worked out ok. I had extra fabric for the second sleeve. I tore out all the serging stitches and did my best at reinserting the second sleeve correctly, although it was not nearly as neat as the first had been. In the end, it is good. And I've got a cute new tee, so there's that.

Nitty gritty: I made a size L, the same size I would buy off the rack. I think it fits well. I did not lengthen it like I normally do and it is plenty long. I used my sewing machine with a ball point needle and polyester thread. I serged the seams after sewing them instead of just using the serger. I did the hems and topstitching with a double needle because I just love how that looks.

Liberty tee 2

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