June 25

This is happening outside Jane's window. Every time I go down our driveway, I see the mother robin sitting patiently in her nest. We are all excited to see the progress of those little eggs.

I finished the quilt with the exception of the binding. And I attempted to video the loopy quilting method and, you guys, it was horrible! I couldn't get the tripod in the right position and I have no way to attach my iphone to the tripod base so I used a large elastic headband and it kept slipping. The whole thing was extremely comical. I still want to do it and will. Now that the kids are home from camp, I'm going to put Jane to work manning the camera so I can focus on the sewing.

I've found myself obsessed with reading this triology. I cannot put them down – such page turners! I think I might actually be relieved when I finish the third book as it will allow me to move on to doing something else.

I watched this creativebug video over the weekend and promptly set about making a rope basket. It's incredibly fun and rewarding. Maybe you want to try? I can also recommend the shrinky dink jewellry video. Jane watched that and has been creating small charms for her necklace and bracelet creations.

And I'm painting…I started a new painting on Wednesday of last week, worked on it again on Friday and am heading out the door momentarily to go work on it more. Hopefully, I'll finish up today. The oil painting has been a wonderful new creative outlet for me. And a great way to stretch my creative muscles in a different way.

And you? What's been going on lately?

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