Day 4 was a total bust. Nothing happened sewing-wise. Nada. That's just the way it goes sometimes.

Kate's top

Day 5 was more successful. I used the scraps leftover from Jane's summer skirt to make Kate a summer halter top. I had just enough fabric to make this work. Seriously. There is nothing left.

I used a top that fits Kate well and traced it for a pattern. The bottom is hemmed, but all the other raw edges are covered using bias binding I made out of unbleached muslin. You can't tell very well in the photo, but the center front is slightly gathered.  In the back, I used the binding as a casing for 1/4" elastic so it fits snuggly.  Just like Jane's skirt, it fits well now, but we won't get more than one season out of it. I really should have bought 1.5 yards of the patchwork fabric instead of one. Live and learn.

The best part? Jane wore her skirt to school yesterday and Kate wore her top to dinner last night. Nothing could make me happier.

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