Day 1: Print PDF pattern. Print pattern again (forgot to click the no scale button). Gather tape and glass of wine. Assemble pattern. Go to bed.

Day 2: Cut out Jane's first pair of p.j. shorts (she's on the left). Sew 'em up and fit them on her to ensure the elastic is the right length (she like them loose). Success! Have Kate try on Jane's shorts to see. They fit her great, too. Cut out 5 more pairs, sew the front panels together, sew all the buttonholes, plop down on the couch and watch Mad Men with Fatty on the DVR.

Day 3: Buy more elastic. And some cute ribbons. Assembly line sew the other five pairs. Make girls jump on the bed for a photo shoot that doesn't work (too blurry). Have them stand against the white wall and keep Jane off of her tippy toes. Blog it. Done.


The Details:  The pattern is the Weekend Linen Shorts from the summer 2012 issue of Stitch magazine (on newsstands now!). I made the Women's XS for the girls – they wear anything from a girls' 14 or 16 to a women's size 0. When it came time to actually sew the shorts, I could not find the magazine anywhere in the house (or the car, for that matter). And I still haven't. But having sewn these types of shorts/p.j. pants before, I just jumped in. I guessed on the waist depth and the hems, but I don't think that is such a big deal if my guesses were (most likely) incorrect. The pattern does call for making a drawstring from fabric, but I opted not to do that. Instead, I threaded 1" wide elastic through the casing (my buttonholes are 1" as well) and sewed 2 short sections of grosgrain ribbon to the elastic on either side of the buttonholes. It's basically a faux-drawstring – all the ease of an elastic waist with the cuteness of the bow. I was able to get each pair out of 1 yard of fabric so the total cost was pretty reasonable (and especially since all of the fabric came from the stash!).


See? I totally let them jump on the bed. (I love having proof!)

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