Hopscotch skirt
Hopscotch skirt 2

Jane chose the Oliver + S  hopscotch skirt for herself. I was a little surprised, but didn't let on. I really think it was the paper doll that made her choose this pattern. Both my girls are really into paper dolls these days.  But I digress.  The skirt is uncharacteristic for Jane – she's my shorts and pants daughter.  So when she said skirt, I said ok.  I gave her the choice of a few different fabrics that I thought she'd like and was surprised a second time when she asked about this corduroy which wasn't among the choices.  I had this print earmarked for Kate because for the past few years Jane has been anti-pink.  A pink skirt? Really? I played it cool and said sure.

I measured her and compared the measurements to the size chart.  I cut out a size 12 and got sewing.  I skipped the origami folded pockets because Jane asked me to.  This was my first time sewing an Oliver + S pattern and like you have probably read elsewhere, it is very, very well done.  Everything is explained extremely well and there are many good illustrations to help you along the way.  I have sewn many things in my life and I still managed to learn a few new tricks. Awesome.  Start to finish, I'd say this was about 3 hours of work.  I imagine that the next one would come together even faster. Again, awesome.

I had Jane try it on last night before bed which was hours after I took these photos.  She loves it! We adjusted the elastic in the back significantly – the waist was huge! She could definitely wear a size 10 – the side seams are now towards the back.  It doesn't really bother me, or her, so all is good.  Also, now I know what size to cut for Kate.

If I were handing out grades for the Kids Clothing Week Challenge, I'd
give myself a C.  My execution was good – probably an A-.  My effort, on
the other hand, was dismal – I only managed to finish this one skirt and never hit the
hour a day.  Effort = F.  So yeah, overall a C. Between not feeling well and the camera strap production, it just didn't happen the way I had intended.  Oh well.  There's always next time.  There will be a next time, won't there Meg?

And, if you are interested, there are still a few camera straps remaining in the shop.

In other news, I've got quilts on the brain.  Did you see Blair's pattern?  I'm working on coming up with the perfect color combination for that one.  Stay tuned.

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