Since I just wrote a gushy post about Fatty last week, I’ll spare you all.  But my fantastic and handsome husband turns 43 today.  I’m looking forward to more cake.  Happy Birthday, Fatty!


I am also looking forward to finishing the small painting project that turned big when I tore the towel bar out of the wall and had to repair the drywall.  I spent most of the weekend with a paintbrush in hand and paint in my hair.  This is the before shot.  I laughed when I looked at the photo.  I don’t often walk around carrying empty toilet paper rolls, but I am collecting them for a school project.  Nice one, Erin.  Anyhow, I have repaired the drywall, painted two ceilings (this one and the one in the butler’s pantry) and put a coat of tinted primer on the bathroom walls.  Yellow is a hard color to cover.  I’m hoping to get away with one coat of the green (you knew that, right?), but it might take two.  I forgot how much cutting in there is in bathrooms.  And painting behind toilets?  That pretty much sucks.  So yeah, keep your fingers crossed – I really don’t want to paint more than one more coat.

The de-stash did not happen this weekend.  I will give you all ample notice before I post anything here.  I do have a couple crafty things to post.  I’ll check in while the paint is drying.  Till then, ta ta.

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