The sewing room is still a mess.  I never got to it yesterday.  I had a repairman here and it didn’t feel right to leave him traipsing through my house while I was upstairs in the walk-in closet that is my little space.  So I hung out in the kitchen, cooked some and took pictures of vegetables. Yeah, the repair man thought I was weird.

I thought this might brighten up your day.


I bought these on Saturday and they are still going strong on the kitchen table.  I love having fresh flowers in the house.  They do wonders for my spirits.

Lots of things are making me twitchy to sew:
this quilt daria made
the thought of vintage linens
all the yellow in this one
the best button haul ever
and this bag.  I love this bag.

Enough of my random thoughts.  I really do have to clean that room.  Enjoy your Thursday.

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