Kate is home sick, but I dragged her to the fabric store to pick up some sequins for a project.


Got these and then some other things…


Yes, I have a disease….I am addicted to fabric.


At least five of these are earmarked for specific projects/gifts.  I know it’s not a great excuse, but I am trying hard to justify it, ok?  Oh yeah, and then there was the quick stop at the yarn store…under $20 in yarn to knit something for MYSELF.  Now that is good.  I never do that.  Knit for myself, that is.

I am putting a movie on and settling Kate on the couch with a bunch of tissues so I can rake the yard.  Once I get that done, it’s more laundry.  An exciting life I lead, huh?  We hit the road tomorrow for the holiday weekend.  I am trying to consolidate a bunch of little crafts so I don’t get twitchy while Fatty drives.  I will show and tell when we return.  Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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