The power is back on.  It came on almost exactly 8 days after it went out.  Last night at dinner, Fatty asked each of us what we what we had missed most while it was out.  Right away, I chimed in with vegetables – oh how I missed having fresh veggies to roast and snack on!  Kate said she missed toasted bagels and Jane said she missed lights.  All of us then nodded and said, yeah, lights are good.  Notice no one said TV or computer.  I was happy about that.


The forced computer break was good for me.  I think I really needed it.  Everything was so quiet and lovely without the hum of electricity.  We went to bed at sundown and got up with the first light.  I did some knitting, read some books, played games with the girls and had impromptu dinners with friends.  Now it’s back to daily life.  School started up again yesterday.  I have laundry to do and groceries to buy.  The upside is that my refrigerator and freezer have never been so clean.  I have some crafty things to share – I just need to charge the camera battery and snaps some pics.  First things first, though.  I’m off to the grocery store.  Roasted asparagus, anyone?

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