I have gone and done something crazy.

I have entered my still unfinished x-string quilt in the state fair.


Here’s the thing:  for three years now, I have said that I wanted to enter something I made in the state fair, but have never done it.  Two years ago, I didn’t have anything I really wanted to enter.  Last year, I was going to enter an apron, but I missed the deadline.   This weekend I finally finished quilting (!) the x-string quilt and it dawned on me that I might be able to enter it in the fair before the deadline.  Oh no – the deadline was July 1st.  Next year, I thought.

I tell Fatty that I missed the deadline and that I can’t enter without paying a late fee.  On top of that, I am not finished and the drop off days at the fairground are the one weekend in August when we will be out of town.  How much is the late fee? he asks.  You pay $15 instead of $8.  He looks at me and I can see it on his face.  You want to do this, right?  Yes. Yes, I do.  Pay the late fee and find someone to take it over to the fairgrounds for you.  You can finish it in time.  You always do.

So, that was that.  I poured over the categories in the catalog and tried to discern the differences.  I settled on machine pieced and machine quilted.  I hope that is the right one.  I’ll have four days when I get home from Telluride to finish the binding and sew a sleeve on it.  Then I will have to persuade a friend to drop it off for me.

Am I nuts?  Probably.

But I’m going to have a quilt in the state fair.  And I think that is pretty damn cool.

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