Despite being woken up about 15 minutes late, and having one crabby child who apparently did not sleep enough, I am all smiles this morning.  This is what is doing it for me:


I sewed this little number up yesterday.  I’ll give you a full reveal after I get Kate to model.

I went on a three mile run, that turned into a two and a half mile jog.  But it felt great to move and while my calf is a bit tight, it didn’t hurt.  Hooray!

I’m only wearing the wrist brace at night and for short periods during the day.  It’s not completely better, but it is progress.

Melissa is rocking the knits.  And Martha is sewing a garment a day.  Seriously good stuff by both of these ladies.


I’m going to jump in, too.  While a garment a day is completely unrealistic, making a dress should be doable.

What are your crafty plans this week?

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