I have a large craft book library.  It's split pretty evenly between sewing books and knitting books.  It seems like a whole slew of books come out each season, and just like everyone else, I need to be selective about which books end up lining my shelves.

In that vein, I have come to appreciate craft books that focus on one area – maybe a technique like reverse applique or a theme like knitting for men.  The newest title in the STC Craft knitting library, Comfort Knitting and Crochet Afghans by Norah Gaughan continues this trend.  Using one kind of yarn, Berroco Comfort, Gaughan and her team came up with over 50 patterns for blankets and afghans.  The patterns vary in colors and technique.  Want to knit a solid throw with cables?  Or maybe lace is more your speed? You can find patterns that fit the bill.  How about simple stripes? Squares knit individually and sewn together? Colorwork? Those are there too.  Crochet is more your speed, you say? You'll find some simple patterns and some more challenging. Basically, there is something for everyone in this book.

This garter stitch throw is among my favorites. Simple and still interesting, it looks like the kind of project I could get into.

I also really like the fish ripple crocheted blanket.  Its small size (30" x 36") makes it a perfect baby gift.

There are so many more patterns (50+!!!) that I can't even begin to do the book justice.  The directions appear to be well written and easy to follow.  Additionally, the specified yarn, Berroco Comfort is machine washable and available in over ninety colors.  You can truly take any of these patterns and make it just like you see them or in the colors of your choice without having to worry about gauge.  I like that.

* * * * *

If you'd like a chance at winning a copy of Comfort Knitting & Crochet Afghans, tell me about your favorite blanket or throw.  I will pick a winner tomorrow, Friday, April 23, using the random number generator.

I'll be back tomorrow with shop news!


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