13.1 miles.

A huge thank you to Fatty and the girls for supporting me, cheering me on and handing me a banana and taking my jacket at mile 9. Thanks also to Michael for coaching me, listening to my whines and then promptly ignoring them, and making me believe that I really could do this thing. Thank you, Kirby, for running all those miles on Saturdays and Sundays, in the dark and in the sun, telling me funny stories and believing in me. And to my friends who I work out with during the week and that met me along the route, especially Suzanne for running with me when I really needed some distraction. Thanks to Marcia and Kelly for looking for me at the start, waiting for me at the finish line, and commiserating with me about long runs while training. You girls rocked that race! And to all of you, for the phone calls, texts, tweets and emails of encouragement. It was really nice knowing that so many people were out there virtually cheering. Thank you! I couldn't have done it without all the support.

And now I am off to continue celebrating a certain 10 year-old's birthday. The well wishes for her are very appreciated as well.


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