Taping 2

Every morning this week, Kate and I have been hanging out together while Jane is at drama camp. Originally, Kate was supposed to be at camp, too, but because of a scheduling snafu, it didn't happen. In an effort to make her week fun, we came up with a list of some projects and activities that the two of us could do together. After reading Elizabeth's post which was part of Amanda's Soulful Mothering series (such a lovely group of posts, don't you think?), we decided to make our own hula hoops yesterday morning.

It was just as easy as it looks in the video. Seriously. The only downfall was that we weren't able to buy the pipe by the foot, so I now have enough pipe to make hula hoops for the entire neighborhood. Ok, that may be a slight exaggeration, but I did have to buy a 100' coil of 3/4" poly pipe which will make 10 hula hoops. Suffice it to say that we will be making these for birthday party gifts for the next year. If you can find a local hardware store that will cut the pipe by the foot, it really is a low-cost project. We used a combo of duct tape and electrical tape to decorate the hoops, a lot of which we had on hand.

June 29

The finished hoop is great. It's heavier than the ones you buy at the toy store making it easy for even this 40 year old to do. Seriously. I really thought that I had lost my hooping mojo as I cannot get the cheap plastic ones to stay up. Not the case! It was all the hoop, not me. Very reassuring, I tell you. So naturally, I'm going to need my very own, especially since it's a great ab workout. Or maybe because I want to use that super sparkly silver tape. Or maybe both.

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