I have a good number of unfinished projects sitting around.  I get all excited about starting something new so I gather the supplies and get a good start only to be waylaid by yet another new and exciting project.  It's not that I don't want to finish what I started – it's that when I get tired of something or it isn't working, it's sometimes easier to set the project aside and move on to something different.  Case in point:  the granny square blanket.

May 15 008_1_1

I started this a little less than two years ago and have picked it up from time to time.  I packed it up to take to jury duty last month,  but it just sat in its tote bag hanging on the mudroom pegs because I never had to go to the court house.  On the way out the door Friday afternoon, I grabbed it for our road trip.  And wouldn't you know, I like making granny squares again.

May 18 003_1_1  

I crocheted the better part of 12 squares on our trip.  I say better part because they all need their green border.  I pulled out the stack of squares previously made and was pretty amazed to count 37 completely finished.  I hope to finish up the others while in the carpool line these last two weeks of school.  I'm not sure how many I need.  I had originally thought 77 squares, but that seems huge.  No matter – I will lay them all out and if 49 is not enough, then I will figure out just how many more I need and make them.

May 18 006_1_1

They will get crocheted together with the lighter green yarn.  That seems like a good project for watching TV.  Come fall, I plan on cuddling up with my new blanket.

I'm just not going to think about weaving in all those ends.

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