School is out for the summer.  Really, it just began about 30 minutes ago.  And I am such a sap…I cried on and off all last Wednesday because Kate was leaving preschool.  Then today, I got teary over having a second grader.  Gee, what is with me?


I did make totes for the teachers – 6 in all.  These are the ones I finished yesterday and photographed early this morning then wrapped for Jane to take in today.  I didn’t get photos of the ones for Kate’s teachers – too little time.  When will I learn?

We’re off to the pool – trying to get into the summertime groove.  I hope that I can balance fun and housework with two little girls in tow.  I did it last summer, but just don’t remember how.  I think it’ll be trial and error.  Wish me luck.

Keep your fingers crossed that it doesn’t rain.  I don’t have any kind of back-up plan at this early date.  Got to get on that too.

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