Over the summer, I took a one night painting class in a local artist's studio with some girlfriends.  Almost immediately I wondered why I had ever stopped drawing and painting. Sitting there, with paints in hand, I felt creative for the first time in a long while. My brain was stretching, being used in a way that it hadn't been in a very long time. Before I left the studio that night, I talked to the teacher about it, got her card and declared that I would be back in January.

January 4

And Friday was that day.

I am excited to see where this will lead me. Right now, I am copying a painting instead of working from a photograph or memory or the like. During the first class I was able to get a first, light coat of paint finished and I began painting the background. It was completely enjoyable and I'm a little antsy for Friday so I can go back and do some more.

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