Fatty likes to shop and he knows me so well.  Look at some of the stuff he gave me for Christmas…


Buttons, a high school letter (perfect for my collection, no less) and fabric – most, if not all, vintage!  I love it all and can’t wait to start creating.  There are about 7 or more (!) yards of the quilt-like fabric (he paid under $10 – good thrifter!) – what to do?  I am thinking like Maria von Trapp…clothes for the kiddos and maybe even something for me.  Fatty thought it would make good appliques and I agree.  The H is begging to be put on a pillow, I think.  Any other ideas?  The other fabric is so cute – I love the little prams.  It’ll surely show up in some patchwork.  I have lots to do so I am going to get on it.

Happy weekend to you!

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