I’m celebrating – we have made it half way through the school week.  Phew!  Jane was out of school at noon so the girls and I went to the library for story time this afternoon.  At our local branch, there are two children’s librarians – one is nice and easy going; the other one, not so much.  Of course, today was the other one’s turn.  So frustrating!  She can’t handle kids being kids – if they don’t sit still and follow her directions exactly (god forbid, they might interrupt without raising their hands!), she gets all serious and talks to them in a stern voice.  And this is a story time for 3 to 5 year olds!  Enough venting.  The girls seemed to have fun (I didn’t) so it wasn’t a lost cause.

After that we went to the park to meet up with our old playgroup buddies.  The rains have finally stopped and there was a nice breeze – the perfect early fall day.  My kiddos spent time doing what they love best.


Jane swinging….


…and Kate climbing.

Still working on the circles – had to cut 13 more this morning.  I think the end is near!  I know Serena hopes it is near!

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