Ok. Here we go. This is not where I thought I would start, but it is in the 50's here today (!!!) and I'm wearing this shirt to celebrate my break up with winter. I totally expect to take winter back for a little bit of time at the very least, but hey, let's enjoy the spring temps while we can. Right?

Scout 1

I sewed this shirt up in the fall. The pattern is the fabulous Scout Woven Tee by Grainline Studio. It is available as a PDF download and is a very straightforward sew – a back, a front, a sleeve and a bias strip for the neckline. I'd say it's good for a beginner who is willing to have a little challenge. An advanced beginnner could make this without too much trouble at all.

It takes just under 2 yards of fabric, which, for me, is often what I buy when I am thinking about making a shirt. This fabric is a Nani Iro fabric that I bought from Purl Soho after I made the sleeveless Tova no-go. I was hoping to selvedge some of that shirt, combine it with my new yardage and make it again. You guessed it. That never happened. And I am so glad!

I love this shirt. The sizing is great – it is available in sizes 0 to 18. The numbered sizing versus xs-m-l-xl-xxl sizing allows you to get a better fit, in my opinion. The pattern is nested so if you needed to grade to different sizes, it would be easy to do. I made a size 12 (often the size I buy off the rack, for what it's worth) and the only change I made was to add some length (1") to the torso. The pattern has a lengthen/shorten line in the torso so it fits much better for my long body than if I had just added length at the bottom. I love, love, love this feature and I really wish that more designers would take a little extra time and add that to their patterns. Anyhow, I also did not have to do a full bust adjustment (C/D cup here) which is a double win!


(Bad hair day = chopped off head!)

I will make this again. And then probably again. In fact, I have one cut out of some leftover chambray just waiting for me to sew it up. And some black eyelet that would be a super cute summer top. Also, Jane and Kate might get a few for their closets, whether I sew them or they do. Having tween/teens in the house who wear adult sized clothes makes buying basic patterns even more economical.

That's it. One down, a bunch to go!

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